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Servant Warrior Program

Your donation saves and transforms the lives of Servant Warriors, our local military, veterans, first responders, and their family members. We heal identity and relationships by bringing people to the Healer.

The Servant Warrior Program assists with suicide prevention and post traumatic growth through a process of healing that has been proven to work. Not only do these men, women and adolescents receive trauma-healing life coaching, they also connect with a network of fellow Servant Warriors for peer support, and they get plugged into their community for healthy re-integration and community engagement.


Healing identity and relationship happens when we come into relationship with the Healer, Jesus Christ. Manifesting that healing happens when we follow Him and obey Him in our relationships with God, self, and others. We cannot heal alone.

With your help, our Servant Warrior program provides one year of the following services, typically two sessions a week, at no cost to the participant: 

50 (weekly) trauma healing life coaching sessions with a J. Rapha life coach

a 12-week REBOOT peer support program (with opportunities to become a REBOOT leader)

8 EMDR Sessions with a trusted local faith-based licensed counselor

Community Involvement Opportunities to include up to 32 sessions:

Crossfit, Jui Jitsu, Yoga, Equine Assisted Healing, and more

The Community Involvement aspect of our program is critical to assisting our clients to not only heal mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, but also physically. We've intentionally chosen activities that facilitate specific types of physical movement that help the brain to reset and find balance while including fun and connection. Learning how to do this in an activity empowers and trains them to practice it in all aspects of life.

At this time, due to the design of our program, the Servant Warrior Program is only open to local Servant Warriors - those who live in Spokane County, Washington or Kootenai County, Idaho.

The average cost of treating PTSD for one person is more than $25,000 a year (American Psychological Association, 2023).


Our Servant Warrior Program is only $7,900 for one year. To ensure every Servant Warrior benefits from the entire program every donation given adds to the pool of one individual until that individual's program fee is covered. 

Do you want to help save and transform a life? Help us heal identity and relationship by bringing people to the Healer. Your donations enable us, and the rest of the community, to remain with them on their healing journey.

One 50-minute Life Coaching Session = $75.00

For clients who do not fit within our 22STOPnDROP program or our Thin Line Care (TLC) program we provide life coaching at $75 per session. Our services include (but are not limited to) addressing:


Grief and Loss
Situational Trauma (PTSD)
Relational Trauma (CPTSD)
Men's & Women's Issues


Church/Religious Harm
Hate Crimes

Life Transitions

Sexual Assault/Rape
Domestic Violence
Combat Trauma
Veteran's Issues
Deployment Preparation

Deployment Re-Entry
Attachment Issues

J. Rapha Consulting
Individual Session
Couples Marriage
Massage Therapy
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